The Social Bite Village

Ferguson Transport & Shipping are delighted to be involved with the Social Bite project and have been very proud to contribute to this project. The Social Bite Village launches this week with the final of the Nest Houses being placed at their new home in Granton.

The project aims to break the homelessness cycle in Scotland by providing a safe, low cost, supportive environment in which up to 20 people can live for 12-18 months and receive intensive support and in turn ensure each individual receives the necessary help and support to get their life back on track. Residents will also be helped to learn the necessary skills and attributes to reintegrate them back into the work place with employability being a key skill residents will be helped with.

After 12-18 months it is hoped these residents will now be ready to begin their journey back into society with the Social Bite village now ready to welcome another 20 residents.

Ferguson Transport & Shipping have been delighted to assist in the logistics of the project by transporting the Nest Houses throughout their journey.

For more information on The Social Bite Village please visit their website: