Ferguson Transport & Shipping team up with Social Bite to provide and sponsor the logistics required for The Social Bite Village Project in Edinburgh.

Recently, a Ferguson Transport & Shipping lorry collected the first accommodation homes from Invergordon that will be placed in The Social Bite Village in Edinburgh.

Social Bite started as an Edinburgh based social business that launched in 2012; the Café supports the Social Business concept in which instead of focus on maximising financial gain the business focuses on solving social problems. The business has now grown and established itself in various forms and locations yet continuously strives to tackle homelessness with 1 in 4 employees at The Social Bite having come from a homeless background.

The Social Bite Village is a project that combines an innovative housing model, using vacant council owned land, along with a supported community environment. The project is entirely geared at breaking the cycle of homelessness and giving residents pathways into employment and permanent housing.

The intention of The Social Bite Village is to provide an innovative, low cost, safe living environment for up to 20 people for around 12months. During this time extensive support will be given in order to give them the skills and support required to reintegrate and become valued and supported members of society.

Ferguson Transport & Shipping are delighted to support this cause pictured below is our lorry being loaded and in transit from Invergordon through to Edinburgh. In coming months it is anticipated 10 further homes will be built and transported to the Village.



For more information on The Social Bite Village please visit their website: